We always encourage adventure, thrill seeking and an appreciation of what nature has provided for us. Because of that we’d like to call attention to some people that do just that. We sat down with Swedish kiter Lars Ahlstedt to ask him some questions about his passion.

When did your interest in kitesurfing/snowkiting begin?
My interest in water, wind and nature has always been there since I’m pretty much born on water and competed in sailing for ten years. Competing took a lot of time and even though I was in nature I didn’t get a chance to appreciate it or experience any of its beauty.

Why I started with kitesurfing and snowkiting in particular was because of a specific reason and purpose. A friend and me had a big map in front of us and thought about what hadn’t been done with the world yet. We quickly realized Greenland was very big and wondered how you could get from the south to the north (2400km) without a vehicle. After searching the Internet we found out some people had done it with the help of a kite and skies (on snow). One thing led to another and we decided to take on this adventure with the ambition to be fastest.

We quickly signed up for a kitesurfing class on Gotland (Sweden) and started to plan our excursion. Sadly we never got to do it because my friend couldn’t go. We’ll do it one day though, that’s for certain! However I did get to discover kitesurfing and all of the different variations of it. Whether you want to experience nature, learn something new, get a kick of adrenaline or compete, kitesurfing has everything you could wish for and then some.

What inspires you?
I’m very curious about learning new things. To be in a situation that demands all my focus and complete concentration makes me feel very alive – The feeling that there’s just here and now.

What challenges do you look for?
Challenges where I can’t trust in anything but my own ability to handle it. It’s the core of everything I’ve set out to do, big and small, start to finish any adventure or task I’ve done I want to be able to do it myself.

My definition of an adventure: an activity where the outcome isn’t completely certain.

What does the ultimate day in nature look like for you?
The alarm goes off at 06.00 A.M. I’m/we’re somewhere up north close to the tree line with snow covered mountains all around us. The sleds with everything we need for four days in the wild are packed and all the necessary gear is laid out. The sun is shining and the wind is blowing at a steady 7m/s.

After a quick breakfast I get my skies and everything I need and start walking out towards the tree line. When I get there I fasten the sled, let out my kite and see civilization disappear in the horizon.

How long have you been Snowkiting/Kitesurfing?
Seven years.

Do you have a favorite place you can recommend?
Gotland and all of its fantastic beaches are great for kitesurfing
Torö is a magical place for kiters around Stockholm
Storulvån/Blåshammaren, miles and miles of snow covered expanses and high mountains (definitely one of my favorites)

Lastly, a short description about yourself?
I’m a 34-year-old parent with young children and live in Sollentuna. Outside of snowkiting and kitesurfing I like to spend time training Muay Thai, hunting, 3D printing and in my family’s company of course.